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VAT is an increasingly challenging field with businesses facing complex VAT systems, case law, guidance and legislation. Our team specialises in providing all types of VAT advice to professionals mainly accountants and other professionals which can range from checking a simple VAT liability question to a large and complex transaction involving multiple areas of VAT.

More compliance requirements are needed when dealing with EC markets and joining international supply chains which can result in the requirement to register for VAT in other EC countries. There are also compliance issues with HMRC, dealing with VAT inspections, liabilities, assessments, interest and penalties.

HMRC are becoming increasingly aggressive targeting certain businesses with multi-disciplinary teams and with our range of experience across Francis Clark Tax Consultancy we can tackle these issues collectively.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • VAT liability issues ranging from the straightforward to highly complex
  • VAT registration and compliance
  • Correspondence and negotiation with H M Revenue & Customs
  • Assisting with audits, assessments, and voluntary disclosures
  • VAT registration in other EC countries
  • Customs imports procedures
  • VAT tribunals and Alternative Dispute Procedures (ADR) with H M Revenue & Customs


The VAT team have a dedicated email address which guarantees a swift and appropriate response to your indirect tax needs:

Please contact Julie Towers or Simon Anslow for further information.

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