tax fee protection insurance services

The cost of a tax investigation can be very expensive and thus the advantage of being adequately covered for this is more important now than ever.

HMRC have wider powers and an ever growing penalty regime and with the substantial increase in their audit activity, the chances of being selected for enquiry by HMRC are increasing significantly. Can your client really afford not to be covered?

A detailed enquiry or investigation soaks up large amounts of time and so a suitable fee protection policy will ensure that you will be able to get your client the support they need to deal with the enquiry in the right way without having to be concerned about cost. Furthermore it’s then also a cost that the client won’t be expecting you to bear on their behalf.

There has never been a better time to introduce a Fee Protection Insurance Scheme to ensure your clients have complete peace of mind. In addition many of the benefits provided are also relevant to your practice, not least the opportunity to generate income.

Working with our partners Croner Taxwise, we can provide tax fee protection insurance for you and your client for as little as £60 per year providing insurance against the cost of professional fees for dealing with HMRC and their enquiry.

Croner Taxwise offer straight forward and comprehensive cover which deals with all of HMRC’s new powers. This means your clients have complete peace of mind for any enquiry or dispute whether this is in the form of a letter, intervention or compliance visit.

We’ve helped many small practices introduce fee protection insurance for the very first time and we’d be more than happy to discuss how we can help your practice in the same way.

Please contact Chris Watts or Tania Donald for further information.



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