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The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) can be a legislative nightmare for contractors and sub-contractors alike and the expectation of HMRC for compliance is very high.  Penalties for failures by both contractors and sub-contractors are harsh and difficult to mitigate, so we at Francis Clark Tax Consultancy can help you and your clients get things right.

It is never too late to consider CIS compliance as HMRC will almost certainly visit or contact clients at some point in time.

Our experts can advise you on:

  • Scheme registration
  • Gross payment status applications
  • Loss of Gross payment status
  • Monthly returns
  • Employment status
  • Enquiry assistance
  • General scheme compliance (what operations are in or out of the scheme)
  • Provide CIS health checks
  • Provide training

We will help you overcome the operational issues by helping you navigate your way around the Construction Industry Scheme tax compliance guidelines quickly and easily.  The work we do for our clients can be as simple as assisting with registering for CIS or helping with a Gross Payment Status application, or as complex as whether an operation falls within or outside of the scheme.

From liaising with HMRC in respect of small local compliance enquiries or dealing with HMRC’s various campaigns we have the expertise to assist you, or if you’d prefer, deal with the enquiry directly for you.

Our CIS Tax team have extensive experience in the field of CIS tax investigations including ex-HMRC compliance officers.

Please contact Scott Campbell on 01752 301010 for further information.

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