Tax Consultancy expertise

Our Tax Experts have a wide range of expertise between them and are able to provide professional firms with a comprehensive range of specialist tax and advisory support across all the taxes and including:

Capital Allowances

We are able to carry out capital allowance reviews on buildings to ensure maximum tax relief is claimed as well as providing advice on all other aspects of capital allowances.

Corporate transactions and restructuring

Often seen as one of the more complex areas of tax planning we can advise on the most suitable solutions. No matter how complex the issue we can help.

Employee share schemes

We can help you through the jungle of acronyms and maze of rules surrounding the various schemes to identify the most suitable scheme for your clients.

Expatriates and Non Domiciles
Our specialists are able to provide advice to individuals coming to and leaving the UK as well as individuals who are non-UK domiciled and living in the UK.
Our team has a wealth of experience in representing taxpayers at tribunals where we have had a very high degree of success in defending clients from HMRC attack.
Patent box
Our experts have studied the new legislation in detail and we have invested heavily in ensuring that we are at the forefront of understanding on patent box.
R & D Claims
We have been submitting claims under the R&D scheme for over ten years. We can support you in all aspects of preparing and submitting a claim.
Tax Planning
Tax planning is key to what we do. We undertake vast amounts of planning from the simple to the highly complex. Our experts have authored chapters in Tolley’s Tax Planning.
VAT and Customs Duties
Indirect taxes can be a minefield. Our experts can guide you through the complexities and avert disasters. We can offer proactive planning as well as advice when unforeseen issues arise.
Capital gains tax

Our national experts have years of experience dealing with CGT issues. Whether you have a query about QCBs, PPR or incorporation relief we can help you.

Corporation tax

We can help you with any corporation tax compliance query that you may have and assist you in complex group reorganisations, reconstructions and demergers.

Entrepreneurs relief

Securing a 10% tax rate is a key part of planning for a capital disposal. Our nationally renowned experts can help you to secure or maximise entrepreneurs’ relief.

Income tax

We can help with any income tax compliance or planning query you have. Some of our experts write for Tolley’s Taxwise – so we really did write the textbook.

National insurance

From the basic “what is liable to NI?” to the more complex areas of International postings, deferment and small earnings exemptions we will provide practical and easy to understand solutions.


Our PAYE team is headed by an ex HMRC Employer Compliance Area Manager with extensive experience of dealing with PAYE, expenses and benefits issues.

Stamp Taxes

With SDLT rates as high as 15% you need to ensure that you have considered the SDLT position in detail.

Transfer Pricing

Increased cross border operations means that tax authorities are increasingly interested about where the profits of a group are created.


We can provide expert advice on all aspects of the CIS scheme including registering for the scheme, monthly submissions and problems with gross payment status challenges from HMRC

Employee benefits

We are experts in flexible employee benefits planning through to the employee motivation and incentivisation using such tools as employee discount schemes and share option schemes.

Estate planning & inheritance tax

We can ensure that clients are mitigating their  IHT liabilities, maximising their use of reliefs and have their affairs structured in the most tax efficient way.


We help clients structure their expansion overseas including withholding taxes, corporate tax residency, interpreting double tax treaties and the formation and management of international groups.


Queries about compliance SPD12 or profit sharing ratios? Let us answer your question. Need some more sophisticated planning? We have that covered too.

Property Taxes

Properties bring all sorts of taxes together – capital gains tax, stamp duty land tax, VAT and now the new annual tax on enveloped dwellings’ (ATED)..

Tax investigations & dispute resolutions

Whether you have notice of a HMRC business records check or a more serious letter from a HMRC Fraud office, our experienced team is here to help.


Trusts can be a very useful tool for both tax planning and future asset protection.  Our team of qualified Trust & Estate Practitioners are able to advise you.