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WMS – The Written Ministerial Statement

Today I learnt a new acronym – the WMS – or ‘written ministerial statement’. Most people who know me professionally understand that my vocabulary is full of these and I am pleased to now have a new one. Whilst typically we are deluged with tax impact assessments and...

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What wasn’t in the Spring Statement?

Whilst my colleagues deal with what was in the Spring Statement, let me deal with what wasn’t. When we were last analysing the Chancellor’s words and documents the main issue was entrepreneurs’ relief (subsequently absorbing many hours of my life). What was noticeable...

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Check the Enquiry Notice!

As an experienced ex-Tax Inspector with over 27 years of experience working within HMRC, I have been looking to utilise my knowledge and skills built up from over 20 years of working in an enforcement and compliance role. When HMRC open and work an enquiry, the...

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Don’t miss out on SDLT reliefs

In recent years, SDLT has undergone several changes, leading to confusion and a more urgent requirement for specialist advice to determine the right amount of SDLT due. Solicitor or specialist conveyancers deal with the majority of property purchases, but in many...

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Entrepreneurs’ Relief changes – Budget 2018

In the lead up to every Budget day there is always some debate about whether or not the Chancellor of the day will change the CGT regime in respect of business assets that has (usually) given rise to a 10% rate. For a long time that was ‘business asset taper relief’,...

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