Tax and VAT Helpline

ipartner for professionals

Our service is designed to provide support for those quick tax questions that can frequently arise.

Our rates are considerably lower than our London competitors leaving you to add a margin to cover your own time if you wish. This means that you benefit directly from our lower cost base.

For over 15 years we have been providing advice and support to over 400 firms of accountants.  Our helpline has been invaluable to our clients over this time.

Benefits for Accountants

A dedicated helpline and email service offering you unlimited access to a team of highly qualified and experienced tax professionals.  Our team are here to help you clarify uncertainties or chat through ideas and advise on tax issues. *

Our service offers assistance for accountants to provide professional advice in the main areas of tax, including:

  • Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Value Added Tax

*The subscription covers advice on queries that take no longer than 20 minutes to answer.  If the query requires more detailed advice then a quote will be provided.

You can download our Tax and VAT helpline factsheet here.


Subscription Fees

Our subscription based option is designed to provide support for those quick tax questions that can frequently arise during the course of the year.

For payment of an annual subscription we will provide you with unlimited support by e-mail or telephone. The Tax and Vat Helpline is not designed to be used for in-depth or complex tax matters, but is intended to provide price certainty for those professionals who wish someone to bounce ideas off, chat something through with, or think they will have a number of routine tax questions throughout the year.

Our current annual subscription rates are:

£950 plus VAT.  £400 plus VAT for each additional partner or director.

We can also handle formal instructions for subscribers and provide quotes both on a time spent or fixed fee basis for non-routine or more complex matters.

Reduction in subscription for assignments over £1,000: 

Our relationships with our professional clients are paramount to our business.

As a tax and VAT helpline subscribed, you will also receive an introducers commission of 10% (net of VAT) for every assignment you refer to us where our fee amounts to £1,000 plus VAT or more.

If annual fees exceed £10,000, service is provided at no additional cost.



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